Hoya imbricata

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The leaves of Hoya Imbricata grow close to each other, almost like a wrap. The plant is also called the ‘ant-plant’ as the tiny beings like to colonize spaces under the leaves, which are often used by them to serve as nurseries.

Mature Hoya Imbricata can grow quite long in length, forming intricate patterns by branching and re-branching. The attractive foliage of the plant, the white furry flowers, and its intriguing symbiotic relationship with the ants makes it an interesting addition to a gardener’s collection.

Hoya Imbricata is an epiphytic plant that is used to growing in very small substrates, so it is not unusual to find it mounted on wood and wrapped in sphagnum for display in one’s household. 

Thorough watering of Hoya Imbricata is not a concern if you have a well-draining soil of good proportion.

If your soil mix is too heavy, such as a very peaty mixture, then you risk getting overwatering or clogging of the soil.