Hoya occultata

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A similar growth habit to H. multiflora but unique yellow flowers. Long thin leaves. The flowers are adorable and shaped like bells. Uncommon.

Light: Even if this plant can tolerate lower light levels, it may become weak and leggy if the light is too low, producing fewer leaves and flowers. Therefore, keeping it indoors in bright, indirect sunlight is best.

Soil: Well-draining soil that provides excellent aeration and does not hold too much water is most important for growing a healthy plant.

Temperature: Hoya occultata thrives in hot and humid climates, so keep it away from drafty windows and doorways during the colder months. It grows best in USDA Plant Hardiness Zones 11a to 11b, with average minimum winter temperatures ranging from 40 to 50 °F (4.4 to 10 °C).

Watering: As this plant is sensitive to overwatering, soak the soil thoroughly during the spring and summer, but allow it to dry out before watering again. Otherwise, you will increase the risk of root rot, and your plant will not be happy. It is relatively dormant during the fall and winter and needs only moderate watering.